Smart Heated Hoodie with 22 features | JAY23

A multi-purpose piece of streetwear: hoodie, backpack, face mask, AirTag pocket, waist-sack, leash, and much more.

Wearable technology

Minimalism outside, rich with hi-tech inside: 2 heating pockets, blackout hood and 16 Pockets

Functional design

For all sorts of modern-day challenges: face mask, water-repellent coating, blackout hood, waterproof waist sack, microfiber cloth, and  more…



Pen pocket x2
Phone pocket x2
Secret pocket x2
AirTag/Chipolo pocket x1
Cycling back pocket x1
RFID pocket x1
Tablet(iPad) pocket x2
Hidden pocket-in-pockets x2

Heating pockets

Who has never suffered from having to text with their hands frozen? Two  heating pockets with dynamic power adjustment keeps you warm at any conditions.

Hoodie & backpack

Is it too hot to wear a sweatshirt? Do I need to take a backpack? Said no one ever with a Jay23 Smart Hoodie. Take one, have both, convert in seconds.

Blackout hood

The cities grow and grow, and public places can be crowded and overwhelming. Sometimes, you really need your space to calm down and focus. A full-length zipper allows you to  to isolate yourself from surroundings.

Cycling back pocket

If you’re a cyclist, or you just happen to get on your bike from time to time, you probably know the struggle of accessing your pockets. We bet you will appreciate a safe pocket for your valuables with easy access to the phone, whenever needed.

An RFID blocker

A special pocket that protects your personal data from being stolen by an RFID reader.

Practical design

Our hoodie has thumb holes, air vents, a KeyChain, holes for headphone cables, built-in microfiber cloth for smartphones or glasses, and even more hidden goodies that you will appreciate in time of need.

Face mask

Designed for pandemic times: a neck gaiter, velcro-fastened to the hoodie, so you never lack a face cover when outside. Stay safe and healthy!


Smart Heating pockets
Water repellent coating
Army Canvas Suspenders 1.3 inch.
Cycling back pocket
JAY23 power bank
16 Power Pockets
Waterproof waist-sack
Holes for headphone cables
Custom Velcro Patch
Thumb holes
Chimney Face Mask Black
Velcro patch for a crew tag
Air vents
Blackout hood


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